ARCE is the primary professional organization for American Egyptologists and scholars interested in studying Prehistoric, Pharaonic, Coptic, Arab and Ottoman Egypt. We maintain a wide range of scholarly and educational activities both in the United States and in Egypt. Among our members are the top American universities and museums with interests in Egypt.

Excavation at the site of Tell Edfu done by ARCE RSM, The University of Chicago, Oriental Institute

Through our programs and publications, ARCE is also internationally recognized as a preeminent Egyptological organization. ARCE fulfills its mission through its active support of archaeological excavation, monument conservation, professional training for Egyptian colleagues, fellowship program, public outreach and publication.

We encourage educational and research institutions to submit applications to join ARCE as research supporting members.

To find out how your institution can become an RSM or to renew your institutional membership, please contact Rebekah Atol at

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Becoming a Research Supporting Member (RSM)

Excavation at the Mut Precint in the Karnak Temple Complex conducted by ARCE RSM, Johns Hopkins University

Research supporting members play an active role in the life of ARCE by participating in the governance of the organization and representing major research and expedition interests in Egypt. RSMs provide institutional support to ARCE with a $1,000 annual contribution.


  • Representation on the RSM Council to raise issues of importance to consortium members
  • Logistical support in Cairo for research expeditions to Egypt, including processing archaeological permits and visa extensions
  • Letters of introduction to other research organizations and institutes in Egypt
  • Logistical services and access to ARCE facilities, including the library
  • Free translation services for final reports to the Ministry of Antiquities
  • Information on research conditions in Egypt
  • Free subscriptions to ARCE publications including the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt
  • Invitations to all public ARCE events
  • Recognition in publications and on the ARCE website
  • Invitation to President’s Reception at the ARCE Annual Meeting

To find out how your institution can become an RSM, please contact Rebekah Atol at



This procedure sets forth the process of renting out ARCE equipment to Research Supporting Members (RSM) as an added benefit and promotes effective communication and coordination across ARCE’s operational components both internally and externally.


  Minimum of 2 weeks in advance of intended rental start date.

  • ARCE will confirm the availability for the requested equipment. Rental Agreement is sent back to requestor for final signature and confirmation with payment instructions.

  Minimum of 1 week in advance of intended rental start date.

  • RSM/Requestor proceeds in making deposit/bank transfer of rental fee specified and shares proof of payment with ARCE’s Deputy Director for Government Affiliations.

  Payment must be finalized before pick-up of rental equipment.

  • ARCE Staff will coordinate pick-up and drop-off schedule/arrangements with requestor according to inventory location.
  • Once equipment is received by the requester, s/he takes full responsibility of the equipment (as per signed agreement) until rental period is complete, after which equipment is returned to ARCE (either Cairo or Luxor office), in coordination with ARCE Staff.

  In the case equipment is either lost or damaged, the requester is obligated to pay fee for replacement or repair of said equipment.

Download the Rental Request Form, here.

ARCE List of Equipment and Associated Fees