If you are interested in joining the ARCE Board of Governors, or know of someone who is interested, we welcome nominations to be sent in during our annual “Call for Nominations”. You may nominate anyone, including yourself! Nominations must be submitted via email to boardclerk@arce.org no later than Friday, June 24th, 2022.

Once the nominations have been received, the Board Management Committee reviews the needs of the Board of Governors and selects potential nominees. The Board Management Committee presents a short list of nominees to the Board at the fall Board of Governors’ meeting for Board approval.  

Even if a nominee is not chosen for this Board Governor election cycle, their name is added to an ongoing list of potential nominees for future nomination cycles. 

The ARCE Board of Governors is a fiduciary board. For the Board of Governor’s class of 2022-2023, ARCE is looking for individuals that fulfill the following areas of skill and expertise:

  • Non-academic professionals.
  • Academic professionals who study Egypt outside of the Pharaonic era.
  • Finance.
  • Bring energy, ideas, and connections to further ARCE’s programs and development in Egypt and North America. Board members are expected to contribute to the success of ARCE through active participation in board and committee meetings, membership growth, development and fundraising and engagement with the ARCE offices and staff.
  • Attend all in-person Board meetings, and any scheduled meetings held via teleconference. This usually comprises two in-person meetings and two teleconferences per year.
  • Participate in the Board by serving on at least one committee.
  • Work towards integrating the professional and non-professional sides of ARCE by attending local chapter events.
  • Be a member of ARCE at the Lotus Level ($155), at a minimum, and maintain that membership throughout tenure on the board.
  • Non-profits are helped when 100% of their board members give financial donations annually, because participation is a metric used by donors and foundations when determining whether or not to contribute to an organization. ARCE Board Members are thus asked to make a contribution to the annual appeal in line with their capacity.
  • Board members may not apply for ARCE funding (fellowships, AEF grants, etc.) while serving on the Board.

If you would like to get involved with ARCE, consider joining a committee! Becoming a committee member is a great way to get acquainted with ARCE and to serve the ARCE community at large, whether you have a passion for student issues, are skilled in finance, or interested in organizational development, we have a variety of committees to suit many talents and career stages.

You can find the list of committees and their current members here: Committee List

The following committees are actively seeking new members:

(You may serve on a committee without being a board governor.)

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email boardclerk@arce.org. Committee Chairs are responsible for selecting active members.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else to ARCE’s Board of Governors or a committee, please email boardclerk@arce.org by June 24th with the following information:

  • Subject line: Board of Governors/Committee Nomination
  • Nominee name and institution or business affiliation
  • Short text describing the candidate’s potential contribution to ARCE’s Board of Governors or committee.