With more than a dozen individual chapters across the United States and Canada, ARCE’s mission of fostering a broader knowledge and appreciation of Egypt’s cultural heritage among the general public is constantly advanced by active local communities. ARCE Chapters provide a forum for members to benefit from the abundant educational and cultural resources related to Egypt in their local area. Collectively, ARCE Chapters host over 100 lectures per year by experts in topics spanning the full timeline of Egyptian history. These lectures, as well as affiliation with a chapter, are complimentary to all ARCE members. Joining an ARCE Chapter provides members opportunities to share ideas, discoveries and questions about Egypt with one another and offers a learning environment for anyone interested in Egyptian cultural heritage.

Chapters also offer support to students of Egyptology and related fields. At the ARCE Annual Meeting, chapters host the Chapter Council Fundraiser to raise money to cover several student awards given at the meeting. In addition, some chapters have scholarship opportunities that help to cover the cost of student attendance and participation at the Annual Meeting.

ARCE DC Chapter at the 2019 Annual Meeting
Photo: Mark Voss

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Chapters are located in a variety of cities and geographical areas. We welcome interest in starting new chapters in cities where there is no ARCE presence. Chapters are separate 501(c)3 organizations that receive support from ARCE through membership rebates and an annual grant to cover meeting and lecture expenses.

For more information about how to start a new Chapter, please contact Rebekah Atol at 703-721-3470 or ratol@arce.org