Egyptian history provides us with a legacy of cultural heritage – from the pyramids at Giza; to a Greco-Roman villa in Alexandria; to Khonsu Temple at Karnak; to exquisite mosaics and wall paintings in tombs, churches, and monasteries throughout the country. These monuments, artwork and artifacts preserve the human record and connect us to the past.

Egypt’s ever-increasing population, modernization and need to maintain a robust tourism industry as an integral part of its economy have placed demands on these irreplaceable treasures. Environmental threats, urbanization, and development threaten historic sites and the artistic masterpieces they contain. If we lose them, they will be gone forever, as will the lessons they continue to teach us about our world. ARCE members help preserve Egyptian cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations.

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  • Benefits ↓

    • 20% discount BAR Publishing titles
    • 20% off DC to Cairo flights on Egypt Air
    • Reduced rates to the Annual Meeting and special events
    • Opportunity to attend ARCE’s Member Only Tour of Egypt
    • Free chapter affiliation, lectures and activities
    • Free digital access to the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt(JARCE)
    • Semi-annual issue of ARCE’s Membership magazine, Scribe, featuring exclusive research conducted by our scholars
    • 50% discount on an annual pass to JSTOR’s digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources to read and download
    • Special pricing on hotel accommodations at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo
    • 50% discounted subscription to Nile magazine, a premier publication on ancient Egypt, and their mobile app
    • Access to the ARCE Library portal that currently includes over 5,000 e-books and subscriptions to the Brill, Archaeopress, JSTOR, and the Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) databases.

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    At this level, you’ll receive all of the benefits of general membership, plus:

    • Recognition in Scribe magazine
    • Lotus Pin
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    At this level, you’ll receive all of the above benefits, plus:

    • Updates from the Executive Director
    • Papyrus Pin
  • Scribe ↓


    At this level, you’ll receive all of the above benefits, plus:

    • Priority invitations to the annual President’s Reception and other special events
    • Scribe Pin
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    At this level, you’ll receive all of the above benefits, plus:

    • Priority invitations to exclusive events, including private tours
    • Cartouche Pin

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1 Year Membership Fee: 100EGP for Egyptian Students; 300EGP for Regular Egyptian Nationals

Activation and Renewal:

For joining, renewing and activating your ARCE membership as an Egyptian national, you can either:

  1. Visit the ARCE’s Cairo Office, where you will fill in a very short and simple membership form and pay the fees in cash. 
  • Prior to your visit to the office please email Mariam Foum (at beforehand to arrange and confirm your visit to ensure efficient processing of your membership.
  • Membership will be effective and activated from the day of your visit, and you will receive an email confirmation regarding your membership status. 
  1. Deposit through CIB
  • Please email Mariam Foum (at beforehand to receive deposit instructions to ensure efficient processing of your membership.
  • Membership will be effective and activated from the day proof of payment is received and an email confirmation regarding your membership activation will be sent to you.

Membership Benefits:

  • ARCE Scribe Magazine: 2 magazines annually. You will be sent an email notification once it is ready for pickup at our Cairo office.
  • ARCE’s e-Newsletter: sent out on a monthly basis. You should receive this by email at the end of the month.
  • Reduced rates to the Annual Meeting and specials events: This only applies to the registration fee at the annual meeting/special events and does not apply for flights or accommodation. Closer to the events date the rates will be disclosed on our official website.
  • Use of the ARCE library (at the Cairo Office)
  • Free access to the ARCE Library Portal (online) including ArchaeopressBrillJSTOR and the Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB).
  • Special rates at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel: applies to accommodation at the hotel. To book at this rate, you must request booking through ARCE by contacting Mary Sadek at (
  • Opportunities to attend special lectures, workshops, tours and other special events at discounted rates: you will receive email notifications of any/all events by email.
  • Discounted subscription to Nile Magazine ( a premier publication on ancient Egypt: you are entitled to a 50% discount for the subscription. You may subscribe through this link and we will provide you with a discount code to benefit from this discount.
For further information or inquiries regarding Egyptian Memberships rates, contact Mariam Foum at:

Student, Retired, and Regular Level memberships are subject to a $45 service fee for each desired annual print issue of the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE). Digital access to JARCE is free for all membership levels.

Only active members are eligible to purchase a print edition of JARCE from the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE). Non-members and institutions may purchase individual issues or subscribe directly through Lockwood Press.

Please note that ARCE cannot dispatch back issues of JARCE after a period of one year. If you have not received your print edition after an announcement has been made, please contact ARCE at for assistance.