William P. McHugh Memorial Fund Guidelines

The McHugh family established the fund decades ago in honor of archaeologist, Dr. William P. McHugh, who passed away in 1989. Dr. McHugh, along with his contemporaries in the 1960s through the 1980s, conducted expeditionary research in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Egypt. He was interested in pre-dynastic period glyphics and artifacts documenting nomadic people and their movement toward the Nile.

The William P. McHugh Memorial Fund provides a modest $600 grant to pre-doctoral students regardless of nationality to encourage the study of Egyptian geo-archaeology, paleo-archaeology and prehistory. Egyptian dissertation scholars are encouraged to apply. Research must be conducted in Egypt. Applicants may apply for this funding as a stand-alone fellowship or combine it with other funding sources.


  • This grant is open to any doctoral candidate conducting research on Egyptian geo-archaeology, paleo-archaeology and prehistory.
  • Research must be conducted in Egypt.

Important: If you are applying for both an ARCE Research Fellowship (U.S. citizenship required) and the McHugh Memorial grant, use the ARCE Research Fellowship application and under Section 5 check the box indicating you are applying for the McHugh Memorial grant. If you are ONLY applying for the McHugh Memorial grant, use the McHugh Memorial grant application.

The Application: A completed McHugh Memorial grant application consists of the following components:

  • An online application form (in conjunction with ARCE Fellowship) or McHugh Memorial grant only application
  • Two letters of recommendation are required. All applicants will be best served by referrers who are fully aware of your knowledge, experience, and capacity to successfully engage in research in Egypt.
  • As a dissertation scholar your proposed project should be addressed by both referrers, one of whom is preferably your advisor, as the scholar who presumably knows your project the best; additionally, at least one referrer should specifically address your language skills.
  • Graduate transcripts. Please remove all password protections from transcripts prior to submission.

A 1200-1500-word research proposal that:

  • Describes your intended research
  • Describes your research methodology(ies)
  • Demonstrates the need to consult sources in Egypt
  • Explains the scholarly significance of your research and your qualifications to undertake the research
  • Assesses the feasibility of completing your research within the proposed timeframe

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Security Forms:

Application Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023 11:59 PM PST.

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