The Temple of Khonsu at Karnak: Conservation Challenges

June 19, 2021 1PM ET/ 7PM EET

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Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Warner 

Lecture Information:

ARCE has recently embarked upon completing the conservation project of the Khonsu Temple, one of the most prominent temples in Luxor. 

Between 2006-2018, ARCE oversaw and executed conservation and documentation work in the temple via the training of 59 conservators from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. In addition to cleaning and conserving six chapels inside the temple and two of the external facades, the project included structural repairs to stabilize the monument, a photographic documentation training school for the Luxor inspectorate, and the introduction of visitor information and signage. 

In 2020, ARCE prioritized completing the conservation of this significant Pharaonic monument starting in the fall of 2021 with complete documentation using 3D laser scanning. The work is scheduled to continue for at least four years. It will initially focus on exterior structural repairs and consolidation, followed by conserving the remaining un-treated polychrome painted surfaces within the temple and further training for local conservators and site managers.

About Nicholas Warner:

Dr. Nicholas Warner is an author and an architect who serves as ARCE’s Director of Cultural Heritage Projects in Cairo. He has worked extensively on preserving and presenting Egyptian sites of all periods, including the Historic Cairo, The Red, and White Monasteries in Sohag, tombs in Luxor, and the New Kingdom, Necropolis at Saqqara. Dr. Warner is spearheading the conservation project of the Khonsu Temple. 

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