• EraPharaonic
  • Project DirectorSalima Ikram
  • LocationValley of the Kings
  • AffiliationAmerican University in Cairo (AUC)
  • Project SponsorThe Petty FoundationInstitute for Bioarchaeology & The American University in Cairo (AUC)
  • Project Dates2016-Present

The Amenmeses Project-KV10/KV63 has been working on clearing the tomb of King Amenmeses of the 19th Dynasty and recording its architecture, decoration, and finds. The tomb was reused by two queens who removed the king’s decorations and covered them with their own decorative schema, on painted plaster. In addition, the area surrounding the tomb has been cleared, revealing two groups of worker’s huts, as well as KV63, an embalming cache of the late 18th dynasty, that was the first new tomb to be found in the Valley since 1922.

Stairs and ramp from room G looking into pillared hall F. Photo: M-A. Marazzi.

Plan of KV10, by P. Collet



We are grateful to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Luxor and West Bank Inspectorates, Hassan and Jill Dana, G. B. Johnson, E. Eartman,  Jack Josephson, Archie Chubb, Windfall, and Karen Robinson.

Team Members:

  • Nubie Abdel Baset- Reis
  • Ahmed Mohammed Abul Qasim -Inspector
  • Ezab Rajab- Inspector
  • Ablaa Abdel Hakk Ahmed Mohammed- Inspector
  • Ahmed Hassan- Inspector
  • Abdel Ghani Inspector- Inspector
  • Mona Ahmed Hassan-Inspector
  • Mohammed el-Ezzab- Inspector
  • Lyla Pinch Brock -Artist and Archaeologist 
  • Susan Osgood- Artist
  • Alastair Dickey- Archaeologist 
  • Pamela Rose- Ceramicist 
  • David Aston-Ceramicist 
  • Mennatallah El Dorry- Archaeobotanist 
  • Pieter Collet- Surveyor 
  • Heather Alexander- Photographer 
  • Mary Ann Marazzi- Photographer and Administrator
  • Aliaa Ismail-Photographer
  • Archie Chubb- Photographer
  • Anja Stoll- Artist  
  • Peter Chiappori- Archivist
  • Aidan Dodson-Egyptologist
  • Lotfi Khaled Mohammed Hassan- Conservator (chief)
  • Elizabeth Hart- Lithics
  • Hazem Shared- Ceramics restoration and infrastructure
  • Mohammed Nubie- Excavator
  • Hassan Nubie- Excavator
  • Kamil Mohamed Abd el Baset- Excavator
  • Hassan Hassan Ahmed- Excavator
  • Salim Qenawi Ad el-Aky- Excavator
  • Abd el Rahim Mohammed Ibrahim- Excavator
  • Yusuf Shebi Abdallah- Excavator
  • Sayed Raab Hussein- Excavator
  • Mohammed Hasan Mohammed Hasan- Excavator
  • Hassan Rajab Qenawy- Excavator
  • Mohamed Abdel Shafei- Excavator
  • Mahmoud Sayed Timsah- Excavator
  • Jamal el Najjar Ahmed- Excavator
  • Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Karim- Excavator
  • Mahmoud Mohammed Kamel- Excavator
  • Mohammed Ahmed Hessein- Excavator
  • Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Mehsin- Excavator
  • Hossan Ahmed Mohammed- Excavator
  • Mohammed Ahmed Taya- Excavator
  • Kamel Sadi Kamel- Excavator
  • Abdallah el Tayeb Ahmed- Excavator
  • Jamal al-Najar Ahmed-excavator- Excavator
  • Mahmoud Ahmed Abd el Mehsin- Excavator
  • Amer Mohammed Adly- Excavator
  • Mahmoud Hassan Rajab- Excavator
  • Ali Sayed Mohammed- Excavator
  • Hosam Ahmed Mohammed- Excavator
  • Ahmed el Amir- Excavator
  • Osama Abd el Hameed- Excavator
  • Mustapha Ahmed Mohammed- Conservator
  • Azab Ahmed Mahmoud- Conservator
  • Mohammed Ahmed Salam- Conservator
  • Mustapha Mohammed- Conservator
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