75th Anniversary Series

  • June 21, 2023 4 Episodes

Digging into History: The founding of the American Research Center in Egypt

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In this Episode

The first episode of the 75th Anniversary Series will delve into the founding and early beginnings of the American Research Center in Egypt.

Podcast Guests

  • Dr. Peter Lacovara; the Director of the Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund
  • Dr. Peter F Dorman; Professor Emeritus of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. W. Benson Harer

Exploring the work of the American Research Center in Egypt: How ARCE programs, fellowships and Publications impact the field

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In this Episode

The second episode of the 75th Anniversary Series will focus on ARCE’s programs and publications as well as their impact on the field.

Podcast Guests

  • Dr. Yasmin El Shazly; Deputy Director for Research and Programs at ARCE
  • Dr. Emily Teeter; Egyptologist who specializes in religion, social history, art, and the history of Egyptology. Teeter has been associated with ARCE for many years: she is a past President, served on the Board of Governors, and is currently the Editor of the Journal of American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE).

The Contribution of Women in Research & Egyptology

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In this episode: 

This special Women’s History Month episode will delve into women in research and the field of Egyptology with Dr. Fayza Haikal and Dr. Betsy Bryan.

This episode is also in collaboration with the History of Egypt’s podcast episode “God’s Wives, King’s Daughters, and the Princesses of Amarna” with ARCE’s Courtney Marx.

You can listen to both episodes via the buttons and links on this page or via Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Podcast Guests: 

  • Dr. Fayza Haikal

Fayza Haikal received her BA in Egyptology from Cairo University and her DPhil. from the University of Oxford. She taught at Cairo University Faculty of Archaeology until she moved to the American University in Cairo to help establish a program of Egyptology there. She was also a visiting Professor at Paris IV-La Sorbonne, at Charles University in Prague and at Roma/ la Sapienza and lectured intensely all over the world. She is the first Egyptian woman to have worked in Nubia during the international campaign for the salvage of archaeological sites in North Sinai during the digging of the Peace Canal. She has been honored by Egypt and Internationally on several occasions. Currently a Professor Emerita at the American University in Cairo, she continues her research on many aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture and their transmission to the modern world.

  • Dr. Betsy Bryan

Betsy Bryan is the Alexander Badawy Professor Emerita of Egyptian Art & Archaeology and Archaeology at Johns Hopkins University. She received her Ph.D. from Yale University in 1980. Her areas of specialization are history, art and archaeology of the New Kingdom. Her current fieldwork is in the temple complex of the goddess Mut at South Karnak, and her research focuses on defining the earliest forms of the temple of Mut of Isheru.


The New Age of ARCE: How the American Research Center in Egypt is defining the future of the field

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