Washington D.C.: Going for Gold: Divinization at Graeco-Roman Hawara

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Presented by: Dr. Campbell Price

  • 12:00 PM ETWashington, D.C.
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Lecture Information

The ancient Egyptians used gold and gilding for centuries to affect the divine status of the deceased.

Funerary material from Graeco-Roman period Hawara, highlights of which currently feature in Manchester Museum’s special exhibition entitled “Golden Mummies of Egypt,” gives a special insight into these concepts in the context of a multicultural, elite society.

This lecture will present the decoration of the mummified body as a transformation and will consider its aims and methods.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Campbell Price took his BA, MA, and PhD in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow. After undertaking fieldwork at Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham, Saqqara, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, he became Curator of Egypt and Sudan at Manchester Museum in 2011. He is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Egypt Exploration Society, the foremost UK charity supporting Egypt’s cultural heritage.

Dr. Price has published widely on ancient Egyptian material culture and maintains special research interests in sculpture and the construction of “Ancient Egypt” in museums. He is the co-editor of Mummies, Magic and Medicine in Ancient Egypt (Manchester University Press, 2016) and author of Pocket Museum: Ancient Egypt (Thames and Hudson, 2018). His most recent book, Golden Mummies of Egypt: Interpreting Identities from the Graeco-Roman Period (Manchester Museum/Nomad Exhibitions, 2020), accompanies the Manchester Museum’s exhibition. He has lectured extensively throughout the UK and internationally. Dr. Price also regularly comments and advises on Egyptological themes for TV and radio.