Sethy I: King of Egypt

Lecture by Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol

  • 7:30 p.m.Oregon
  • Portland State UniversitySmith Memorial Student Union
    Room 327/8
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King Sethy I ruled for around a decade early in the thirteenth century BC. He lived at a crucial point in Egyptian history, following the ill-starred religious revolution of Akhenaten, and heralding the last phase of Egypt’s imperial splendor. As the second scion of a wholly-new royal family, his reign did much to set the agenda for the coming decades, both at home and abroad. Sethy was also a great builder, apparently with exquisite artistic taste, to judge from the unique quality of the decoration of his celebrated monuments at Abydos and Thebes. 

Explore Sethy I’s career and monuments, not only in ancient times, but also their modern history and their impact on today’s understanding and appreciation of ancient Egypt.

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