Northern California: Uses, Re-uses, and Abuses of Egyptian Statues

Presented by: Tom Hardwick Consulting Curator of Egyptology, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Cosponsored by the Ancient Art Council of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the American Research Center in Egypt-Northern California.

  • 2:00 PM PTNorthern California
  • Zoom/ In-PersonGunn Theater, 100 - 34th Avenue, Lincoln Park, San Francisco, CA 94121. Seating is limited and unassigned. Doors open at 1:30 pm.
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Lecture Information

Egyptian statues epitomize solidity and permanence for the modern viewers who admire them securely guarded in museums or tourist sites. To their pharaonic makers and owners, however, they were functional objects with specific duties to fulfil. Rather than being blindly revered as artworks, they were often re-used for new purposes when their old functions lapsed. These re-uses could include physical transformation. This lecture covers over three thousand years to show how subsequent generations have used and abused Egyptian artworks.