North Texas: The Erotic Curse of the Third Intermediate Period

Presented by: Erika R Brown PhD candidate, Lanier Center of Archaeology at Lipscomb University

  • 7:00PM CTNorth Texas
  • In-personSouthern Methodist University, Fondren Science Hall (not library), Rm 123. Park west of Heroy Hall and enter thru that builing and into Fondren.
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Lecture Information

The ancient Egyptian erotic curse dating to the Third Intermediate Period offers a fascinating glimpse into sexual expression during this period. The curse, which is found on several stelae and depicted on various artifacts, reflects the use of sexual imagery and animal symbolism as a means of invoking humiliation and disgrace upon one’s enemies.  Analyzing the context and prevalence of this curse, makes it possible to understand its unique role within the broader framework of ancient Egyptian belief systems, social norms, and punitive practices. Ultimately, contributing to the overall understanding of the interplay between language, imagery, and power in antiquity.

Speaker Bio

Erika Brown is a currently pursuing her Ph.D. in archaeology at Lipscomb University’s Lanier Center for Archaeology, Erika specializes in the area of ancient Israelite sexual practices.

Erika has gained practical experience through participation in archaeological excavations at Tel Gezer and Tel Burna and the Karnak Epigraphic project.  Her fieldwork has allowed her to unearth history and contribute valuable insights to her field.

Erika’s dedication to archaeology doesn’t stop at research. As the creator and host of “Just So You Know,” a thriving social media project, Erika has a significant impact on presenting biblical archaeology to the community.

Erika’s is a dedicated scholar who is also an Army veteran. She also celebrates 20 years of marriage to Lonnie Brown and is a loving mother to their two sons.