New York: The Reign of Tutankhamun – What New Evidence Reveals

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Presented by: Professor Nozomu Kawai; Kanazawa University

  • 7:00 PM ETNew York
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In spite of Tutankhamun’s tomb — excavated 101 years ago — being the richest burial chamber discovered in Egypt, his reign has been obscured due to the erasure of his memory by later Pharaohs and a dearth of hard evidence. He was long considered an unimportant king, and his sovereignty was largely disregarded because of its short duration of less than 10 years. However, considerable documentation to the contrary is available nowadays. This lecture by Professor Nozomu Kawai of Kanazawa University, presented in collaboration with ARCE’s New York Chapter and National Headquarters, introduces the current understanding of Tutankhamun and his time utilizing new information.