Historical Justice before the Criminal Law in Modern Egypt

Lecture and roundtable discussion by Mina Khalil, University of Pennsylvania

  • 6:00 pmCairo Center
  • ARCE2 Midan Simón Bolívar, Garden City
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This talk and roundtable discussion explores how thinking about the treatment of the criminal defendant changed across nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Egyptian society. How did new notions of equality between individuals subsequently change Egyptians’ thinking of who should be punished and how one’s guilt should be proven within the administration of justice? How did racial categorizations within colonial Egyptian society affect the treatment of criminal defendants in front of judicial authority? And finally, how did this perceived treatment or mistreatment of the criminal defendant subsequently fuel nationalist thinking and cries for national independence in modern Egypt, and thereby, how central was criminal justice reform to the formation of Egyptian national identity and notions of justice?


The event is by invitation only. To check availability, please email: selsabbahy@arce.org