Enabling Rooted History: The Establishment of an Online Interactive Atlas of Historic Cairo

Lecture by Yasser Ayad, Clarion University

  • 6:00 PMCairo Center
  • 2 Midan Simón Bolívar
    Garden City, Cairo
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A wealth of documentation on Islamic monuments that dates back to the early 7th century exists in multiple forms. Nevertheless, very few of those would have the information (historical account, stories, legends, descriptions, and reasons for construction), place identification, and illustrations/digital representations concurrently available. The broader aims of this project are to contribute to the digital preservation of the cultural as well as the architectural heritage of Medieval Cairo through the development of an online interactive atlas that is based on geospatial technologies. It is aimed to provide researchers as well as casual users with the ability to share information as well as to browse historical encounters of designated locations and monuments of interest.

This lecture demonstrates an effort in this direction. It opens a discussion with regards to aspects of spatial and non-spatial data collection, inclusion and development techniques, data evaluation and quality assurance, data storage options, dissemination methods and their effectiveness, as well as procedures for possible future data updates and system maintenance and handling.

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