Continuity and Change in Egypt's "Great Land:" Abydos under the Ptolemies

Lecture by Dr. Thomas Landvatter, Assistant Professor of Classics and the Humanities, Reed College

  • 7:30 p.m.Oregon
  • Portland State University2nd Floor Gallery, Urban Center Building, 506 SW Mill St
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Abydos is one of the most important cemetery sites in Egypt, steeped in indigenous tradition as the burial site of the first kings of state level Egypt, site of multiple cemeteries in near constant use for 3500 years, and a major cult center to Osiris, god of the dead. But what happened to the site at the end of the first millennium BCE, when Egypt was under the rule of the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty, when Greeks ruled Egypt? 

Recent discoveries — the development of its funerary landscape, interactions with earlier, Pharaonic-period remains, as well as a newly excavated priest’s tomb — are beginning to reveal Abydos in Ptolemaic times.