Cairo Lecture: Regions in Flux: Gara, A Forgotten Oasis in Egypt's Western Desert 

Presented by: Dr. Mohamed Kenawi and Dr. Francesca Simi

Book signing will take place after the lecture.

  • 6:00 PM EET
  • In PersonCairo Center
    2 Midan Simon Bolivar
    Garden City, Cairo Governorate 11461
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Lecture Information:

Gara Oasis is located 110 km northeast of Siwa Oasis, in the Western Desert and remains an important transit hub connecting the Nile Delta with the western cultures of Egypt and Libya. In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great probably passed through Gara Oasis on his way to the Amun Temple in Siwa, leaving behind “Camp of Alexander” as one of the local names for Gara. 

Dr. Kenawi will discuss his findings from this book, the first text dedicated to Gara Oasis, one of the smallest oases in Egypt, with a population today of about 700. It presents a general overview of the history, archaeology, and the landscape of this overlooked oasis. 

Speaker Bios: 

Dr. Mohamed Kenawi is a Research Associate at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester. He has participated in various archaeological missions in Libya, Italy, and Egypt. He has published various articles about his research, in addition to his monograph, Alexandria’s Hinterland: Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, Egypt (2014). 

Dr. Francesca Simi is a landscape archaeologist working in South-West Asia. Her research interests lie with the fields of the Archaeology of Ancient Near East, Mesopotamian Archaeology, Endangered Archaeology, and Public Archaeology.