Cairo Lecture: New Kingdom Tombs Around the Mastaba of Nefer in Saqqara

Presented by: Dr. Tarek Tawfik

  • 6:00 PM Cairo Time
  • In PersonCairo Center
    2 Midan Simon Bolivar
    Garden City, Cairo
    Governorate 11461
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Lecture Information 

The Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University has been conducting excavations south of the causeway of the Pyramid Complex of King Unas in Saqqara since 1984. The excavations have revealed part of the Necropolis of the high officials from the Ramesside Period. The remains of the large Old Kingdom Mastaba of Nefer stand proudly in the middle of the excavation site. Dr. Tarek will address recent and ongoing excavation results around the Old Kingdom Mastaba of Nefer, including the tombs of the high officials from the time of King Ramses II east of the Mastaba, but especially the tombs located west of the Mastaba including two large tombs from the reign of King Sethy I belonging to elite members of the military and a later recently excavated tomb of Ptahemwia from the time of Ramses II. He will discuss the development of this part of the Memphite Necropolis, its planning and relation to more ancient surrounding architecture. Special attention will be given to the tomb of Thaj ST 211, which was literally squeezed into the site later and is only one dating to the 20th dynasty. 

Speaker Bio

Dr. Tawfik is an Associate Professor of Egyptology at Cairo University and the Deputy Director of the Saqqara excavations of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University. He is the former Director General of the Grand Egyptian Museum Project from 2014-2019. Dr. Tawfik has obtained his PhD in Egyptology, Bonn University, and his MA and BA in Egyptology from Cairo University Faculty of Archaeology. Dr. Tawfik was elected Vice President of the International Association of Egyptologists November 2019. In addition to a prolific publication record in international journals, Dr. Tawfik has been a member of the editorial board of the British: Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (JEA) since 2014. Additionally, he is a vice president of the International Council of Museums in Egypt.