ARCE PA: Tutankhamun's Royal Court

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Presented by: Professor Nozomu Kawai, Professor of Egyptology, Kanazawa University, JAPAN

  • 7:00 PM ESTPennsylvania
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Lecture Information:

Although Tutankhamun is the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh due to the discovery of his almost intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings a century ago, his life and reign have relatively been unknown. Thanks to archaeological excavations at Saqqara and meticulous examinations of the monuments and objects in museums all over the world since the end of the last century, we have gained the data to reconstruct what Tutankhamun’s royal court would have been like. 

During Tutankhamun’s reign, powerful men held an amount of influence that was, to some extent, unprecedented in Egyptian history. This lecture will discuss the political situation during Tutankhamun’s reign by examining the most influential women and men in his court, such as his wet-nurse Maia, his general and deputy Horemheb, the god’s father Ay, his treasurer Maya and others who held the power behind the throne of Tutankhamun.