ARCE PA: A Tale of Four Coffins: Exploring Egypt’s History through Wooden Coffin Analysis

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Presented by: Dr. Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod;

Assistant Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, St Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

  • 3:30 PM ETPennsylvania
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Lecture Information

From earliest Egypt, in the Predynastic, through to the Roman Period, there is one type of object that is consistently present in burials: wooden coffins. A careful analysis of these objects selected from different eras demonstrates shifts in religious beliefs, differential access to imported or local materials, and adaptations in crafting traditions. The long history of the production of wooden coffins therefore helps to tell a slightly alternative history of Egypt- one of wealth, ingenuity, adaptation, and crisis, free from the hyperbole of monumental inscriptions and egos. For this discussion, Dr. Carrie Arbuckle MacLeod will share her analysis of four wooden coffins, each from a different period in Egypt’s history, reflecting different social holistic understanding of these objects. When placed in their historic context, the coffins help reveal the history of Egypt and the choices of its people. 

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