ARCE PA: Reconstructing Egypt's East Frontier Defense Network in the New Kingdom

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Presented by: Dr. James Hoffmeier, Emeritus Professor, Trinity International University Divinity School

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  • 3:30 PM EDTPennsylvania
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About Lecture:

Excavations in North Sinai beginning in the 1980s and the work at Tell el-Borg from 1999-2008 has uncovered a series of forts that were on the “Ways of Horus” and served as part of the defensive network of Egypt’s east frontier in the New Kingdom. Geological work has revealed the paleo-environment and ancient landscape that influenced the arrangement of the defensive system. Thanks to the new data, new maps can be drawn to reveal how the east frontier defense network operated throughout the New Kingdom and how it thwarted the Sea Peoples invasion in Ramesses III’s reign.