ARCE PA: Recent Excavations of the Penn Museum at South Abydos

Dr. Josef Wegner; Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, UPenn and Associate Curator, Egyptian Section, Penn Museum

  • 3:30 PM ETPennsylvania
  • In-PersonPenn Museum, Classroom L2
    3260 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Lecture Information:

During 2021-22 excavations at South Abydos have revealed new evidence for the ancient town of Wah-Sut connected with the mortuary complex of King Senwosret III, as well as the area around it. Along with new insight into the Middle Kingdom town, newly discovered cemeteries dating the early New Kingdom reflect the resurgent population of this town site at the beginning of the New Kingdom. The lecture will look at some of the discoveries redefining the picture of South Abydos.