ARCE PA: Nubia and its Neighbors: Non-Kushite Elements on Napatan and Meroitic Architecture

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Presented by: Dr. Sarah M. Schellinger

Lecturer, Ohio State University and Co-Director, Es-Selim R4 (ESR4) Project

  • 3:30 PM ETPennsylvania
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Lecture Information

As with most civilizations in the ancient world, Nubia had contact with its neighbors, particularly Egypt, the Aksumite Empire, and the broader Mediterranean World. These connections can be seen through the adoption and adaptation of foreign elements by Nubian artisans in both their material culture, such as stelae and funerary art, and architecture, such as palaces, temples, and pyramid-style tombs. This presentation will illustrate how the Napatan (ca. 800-300 BCE) and Meroitic (ca. 300 BCE- 350 CE) kingdoms incorporated foreign decorative elements into their architecture while also expressing their culture in its own right.