ARCE PA: The Museo Egizio’s current research at Deir el-Medina

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Presented by: Dr. Cédric Gobeil, Curator at the Museo Egizio, Turin (Italy)

  • 1:30 PM ETPennsylvania
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Lecture Information: 

Within the framework of the French Archaeological mission at Deir El-Medina carried by the IFAO, the Museo Egizio of Turin is conducting research on a few Ramesside tombs located in the western necropolis. These tombs have been chosen based on the many artifacts that belonged to the owners of these tombs which are now kept in the museum. In addition to giving the opportunity to perform a study on the fragile tomb structures using new technologies, this fieldwork is a unique chance to recontextualize many objects of the museum’s collection by shedding a new and fresh light on them. In a few seasons, the Turinese teams will ultimately be able to protect and conserve these monuments for future generations.