ARCE PA Chapter: Royal Women of Piankhy: Treasures of the Tombs at El Kurru

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Presented by: Dr. Denise Doxey; Curator, Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Easter Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  • 3:30 PMPennsylvania
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Info about Lecture:

In 1919, the Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition excavated the early Napatan royal cemetery at el-Kurru in northern Sudan. Among the rulers buried there were Piankhy, the conqueror of Egypt and founder of its 25th dynasty, and three of his four immediate successors. The women of the Piankhy’s court had their own tombs, which, despite having been robbed in antiquity, still contained a range of objects including magnificent jewelry, elegant stone vessels, and in one case an unusual collection of geological specimens. Dr. Denise Doxey will present these finds and discuss their materials, techniques, iconography, and archaeological context.