ARCE Northwest: Egyptian Voices from the Past: An Overview

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Presented by: Cynthia Smith

Co-sponsored by the Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, University of Washington

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Since the Greek historian, Herodotus wrote about the ancient Egyptians, Egypt has fascinated those looking in from the outside.  Come with me as we explore the major sites of ancient Egypt from the late Pre-dynastic era (4500 BCE) through the New Kingdom (1090 BCE) including Abydos, the cult city of Osiris; Memphis, the ancient capital; the temple complex of Karnak in Thebes; Valley of the Kings; Deir el-Medina, the village of the workmen who built and decorated the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings; and King Tutankhamun’s birthplace, Amarna, Akhenaten’s new city.