ARCE New England: Animals in the Urban Sphere: A Faunal Analysis from Tell Edfu

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Presented by: Sasha Bentley-Rohret, PhD candidate, University of Chicago

  • 6:00 PM EDTNew England (Boston)
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About Sasha Bentley-Rohret: 

Rohret is an Egyptian Archaeology PhD candidate at the University of Chicago with a specialty in zooarchaeology. Her research focuses on domestication and animal husbandry in the ancient Near East, and the link between production strategies and the political economy. 

Lecture Information: 

Textual and archaeological evidence have shown that the town of Edfu developed into an important regional center during the 3rd millennium BCE serving as a provincial capital. But with the onset of the First Intermediate Period, which is often perceived as a time of widespread famine and economic crisis, limited textual evidence and dearth of archaeological material have obscured the realities of daily life from the inhabitants of this influential site.