ARCE Missouri: Zay fee zamaan: Reviving Ancient Tree Species in Luxor

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Presented by: Dr. Victoria Jensen and Mr. Mahmoud Farouk

  • 12:00 PM Central TimeMissouri
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March 12, 2022, Lecture Information 

Upper Egypt is home to numerous tree species that have been culturally significant since Pharaonic times. Some of these species still are found abundantly in the region of Luxor, such as the date palm, nabq, acacia, and tamarisk. However, three species that feature prominently in ancient Egyptian tomb decoration, the sycamore fig (jumayz), the persea (ishda), and the dom palm, have nearly disappeared from the landscape. Qurna native Mahmoud Farouk and American Egyptologist Victoria Jensen are collaborating to revive these species on the West Bank of Luxor. In this lecture, Vicky will look at the ancient significance of these trees while Mahmoud will share his knowledge of their modern uses as a source of medicine, nourishment, building material, and more. Hopefully, the propagation of these ancient species will be successful, and these new saplings will make the landscape zay fee zamaan, “as it was in the past.”

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