ARCE Georgia Chapter: Research on Phases of the Osiris Temple at Abydos

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Presented by: Dr. Michelle Marlar of Houston Community College, Houston, Texas

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Info about lecture: 

The Osiris temple at Abydos was the central location of the cult of Osiris for centuries. Although elements of the temple architecture have been visible on the surface for years, the temple itself remained largely a mystery. Systematic excavation and research began in 2002. It continues to the present day, and is bringing to light the architectural plan and decorative program of distinct building phases at the Osiris temple. Through ongoing excavation, conservation, documentation, and research there is now a clearer picture of what it would have been like to walk the halls of this sacred temple. Dr. Marlar’s talk will focus on architectural and decorative elements of two phases of construction at the Osiris temple: the New Kingdom and Late Period. 

About Michelle Marlar: 

Michelle Marlar, PhD, is an Egyptologist who teaches at the Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts at Houston Community College. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from Baylor University, a master’s degree in Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology from Memphis State University, and a PhD in Ancient Egyptian Archaeology and Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Her research is focused on the Osiris Temple located in Abydos, Egypt, and involves the documentation and conservation of artifacts recovered during excavation at the temple site. She has taught and lectured about various aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization and material culture at several schools and colleges in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas. 

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