ARCE Georgia Chapter: Nomarchs of Old-Middle Kingdom Egypt: A New Interpretation of Provincial Power

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Presented by: Dr. Jessica Tomkins; Oglethorpe University

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Info about lecture: 

Old Kingdom Egypt is famous for its pyramids and kings, but beyond the royal monuments, how did the state actually operate? Who had power and how was it being used? Dr. Jessica Tomkins, visiting assistant professor of history at Oglethorpe University, examines the role of the elite in the provinces through the lens of death and shows that their power was not only active during their lifetime but continued passively in death. By building monumental Mastaba with deliberate material and textual choices, the provincial elite used their tombs to not only commemorate the power they held within their communities during their lifetime, but to ensure the continuation of that power once they were deceased. 

About Jessica Tomkins: 

Jessica Tomkins, PhD, is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Department of History, Oglethorpe University. She received her PhD from Brown University in 2019 where she studies focused on power of the elites in the Old Kingdom as expressed by provincial mastabas. 

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