ARCE Georgia Chapter: The Goddess Isis and the Kingdom of Meroe

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Presented by: Dr. Solange Ashby; Barnard College, New York

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Info about lecture: 

Discussions of the widespread appeal of the cult of Isis in antiquity often omit any mention of the Nubian priests who served the rulers of the Kingdom of Meroe (located south of Egypt in present day Sudan) and the royal donations of gold that they delivered to the temple of Isis at Philae, located at Egypt’s border with Nubia. Those funds were essential to the survival of the temple of Philae, allowing it to remain in active use for centuries after other temples had been abandoned in Egypt. Nubiologist/Egyptologist Solange Ashby will describe the rites performed by the Nubian priests and their participation in a tradition of Nubian pilgrimage to this site that spanned one thousand years. 


About Solange Ashby: 

Solange Ashby earned her PhD in Egyptology and Nubiology at the University of Chicago. She finds it of personal importance to investigate the southern connections that are evident in the ancient religious practices of Egypt. Ashby continues to research and highlight these connections. Her book “Calling Out of Isis, The Enduring Nubian Presence at Philae” has just been published by Gorgias Press and is now available for purchase.


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