ARCE Georgia Chapter: Egyptology in the Valley During the Gilded Age

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Presented by: Dr. Sarah Ketchley, University of Washington

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Yuya’s Mummy Mask

Yuya’s Mummy Mask

Theodore Davis is a little known character today in Egyptology. Yet, during the Gilded Age, he was incredibly famous for sponsoring and encouraging excavation in the Valley of the Kings. Davis rose from a humble background to become wealthy, living in a Newport mansion and having connections with J.P. Morgan and other elites. Although some of his business practices would be illegal today (and were probably illegal then), he used much of his wealth to transform Egyptology from treasure hunting to a disciplined science. The discovery and excavation of the Tomb of Thuyu and Yuya is an example of work Davis funded.  This talk will view Davis and the Valley through the extensive diaries of Emma Andrews, Davis’s long time companion, whose diaries are an invaluable record of archaeology, society, and travel in Egypt at the turn of the century. 


About Sarah Ketchley: 

Sarah Ketchley, PhD, is an Egyptologist with a specialty in art history in the first millennium BCE. Based at the University of Washington in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, she teaches introductory and graduate level classes in digital humanities, and leads a flourishing student internship program- Newbook Digital Texts, which she co-founded in 2011. Inspired by intrepid women travelers of the 19th century, Sarah works with student interns to digitize and publish a range of primary source material from the period, including the Nile travel diaries of Mrs. Emma B. Andrews. Working computationally to analyze the content of Emma’s writings, Sarah and her students have created an extensive digital biographical database, interactive maps, and an archive of encoded primary source material from the “Golden Age” of Egyptian archaeology. Sarah’s latest project is an evolving database of Nile travelogues which can be found HERE.

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