ARCE Georgia Chapter: Egyptian Letters to the Dead

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Presented by: Dr. Rune Nyord; Emory University

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Info about lecture: 

A “letter to the dead” in the Carlos Museum’s galleries of ancient Egyptian art has fascinated scholars since it was first studied by Edward Wente during a visit to the Cairo Museum in 1958. The letter’s image of a woman holding a lotus on one side and a hieratic text on the other has intrigued Dr. Rune Nyord, Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology, since he joined the Emory faculty in 2018. In this talk, Dr. Nyord will discuss the function of these “letters to the dead” and his latest discoveries about the author of this one. 

About Rune Nyord: 

Rune Nyord is Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology at Emory University. Before joining Emory in 2018, he held positions at the University of Copenhagen, University of Cambridge (Christ’s College), and the Free University Berlin. His research focuses on conceptions and experiences of representation, ontology, and personhood in ancient Egypt, especially as evidenced in Middle Kingdom (Middle Bronze Age, early 2nd millennium BCE) funerary culture, and drawing on a combination of archaeological and textual sources. Professor Nyord has written several books about ancient Egypt and earned his PhD at the University of Copenhagen. 

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