ARCE Georgia Chapter: Egypt and Kush: Superpowers of the Nile Valley

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Presented by: Dr. Caroline Rocheleau, North Carolina Museum of Art

  • 4:00 PMGeorgia
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Info about lecture:

This talk will explore the complex relationship between the two superpowers of the ancient Nile Valley. Discover the similarities and differences between Egypt and its southern neighbor, the Kingdom of Kush in Nubia, and learn how differently the two were perceived by early explorers and the West. 

About Caroline Rocheleau: 

Nubiologist/Egyptologist Caroline Rocheleau obtained her PhD in 2005 from the University of Toronto, Canada, in Egyptology and Nubiology with a focus on the art, architecture, and archaeology of ancient Egypt and Sudan. She currently serves as Curator of Ancient Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), overseeing the archaeological collections of the ancient Mediterranean and ancient Americas. Rocheleau is the author of “Ancient Egyptian Art (2012), the first catalogue entirely devoted to the Egyptian collection at the NCMA and “Amun Temples in Nubia, and a Typological Study of New Kingdom, Napatan, and Meroitic Temples (2008). She has lectured widely on ancient Egypt and Sudan in North America and abroad. Rocheleau is a board member of the International Committee for Egyptology, part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). 

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