ARCE Chicago: The Grand Egyptian Museum: A new Edifice for the Egyptian Heritage

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Presented by: Heba Khairy Metwaly; Project & Exhibition Coordinator, The Grand Egyptian Museum

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Lecture Information:

The Grand Egyptian Museum is considered a new giant, mega, and world-class museum, which will present Egypt worldwide and nationally as a major dynamic cultural hub and edifice for ancient Egyptian history and heritage. It is considered a key factor for museums, and cultural, social, and economic development in Egypt. As the GEM is expected to serve the national identity and heritage of Egypt nationally, and internationally, by prompting the image of Egyptian heritage worldwide in the field of Egyptology, and archaeology in addition to the Egyptian living heritage. This lecture aims to illustrate the important role that the Grand Egyptian Museum plays in the development of museums and the heritage sector in Egypt. 

Speaker Bio:

Heba Khairy, PhD scholar in Heritage and Museums studies. Khairy currently works as the Project and Exhibition Coordinator at one of the most important cultural projects in Egypt “the Grand Egyptian Museum” where she coordinates and manages the exhibitions process and fit outs. In 2008, Khairy started her career within the museums and heritage sector in Egypt, through her professional career she has participated in many international conferences, national, and international cultural heritage projects and workshops which aimed to safeguard and preserve the Cultural heritage. In 2017 and 2018, she participated in the British Museum International Training Program ITP. Currently, she is working closely with the ITP and the British Museum in the Tutankhamun Co-curation project, and as a cultural consultant for the “Re-imagining the British Museum Project.”

Photo Credits: Heba Khairy