Ancient Egypt in the Virtual Realm:  Using 3D Photogrammetry to Document Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Professor David Anderson

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  • 3:00 PMOregon
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Bio: David Anderson is the Vice President of the Board of Governors of ARCE and an associate professor in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Since 1996 he has been the director of the El-Mahâsna Archaeological Project. His research focuses on the origins of Egyptian civilization, in particular the organization of Predynastic society and the role of ideology in the formation of the ancient Egyptian centralized state and the origins of Egyptian divine kingship. Dr. Anderson has over 35 years of experience conducting archaeological research in Egypt and North America, and specializes in the integration of computers and archaeology, in particular the use of 3D technologies for capturing, documenting and preserving the human past.

Info about Lecture: This lecture will explore the use of 3D digital photogrammetry in documenting ancient Egyptian civilization. Using a series of case studies, the 3D documentation process will be reviewed from the taking of digital photographs, to processing images, reconstructing the three-dimensional data and producing a detailed, accurate 3D model.  Case studies will include rapid and accurate recording of objects, excavations and monuments, the production of detailed two-dimensional maps and drawings for publication; creating 3D models of artifacts and skeletal remains for later analyses and publication; documenting existing conditions prior to conservation; virtual tours of monuments and the production of accurate 3D reproductions for teaching and public outreach.