2019 Annual Meeting

ARCE’s 70th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. was held on April 12-14, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia. The Westin Hotel was filled with over 420 meeting attendees, 12 exhibitors and sponsors, 125 paper sessions. Special thanks are due to EgyptAir as our Platinum Sponsor, Walbridge as our Gold Sponsor, the ARCE Washington D.C. Chapter members who so graciously helped  host this event, and our 20 volunteers who worked alongside staff to make this event memorable for all in attendance.      

The Keynote Lecture was held off-site at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Temple in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Dominique Valbelle, co-director of the Swiss-Franco-Sudanese Mission of Kerma/Dokki Gel, spoke about the Mission’s excavation at Panebes “The Town of the Jujube-Tree” and the settlement that was there during the second millennium B.C.     

2019 was another successful year for the Chapter Council Fundraiser. Nancy Donnelly, Senior Producer and Writer for the National Geographic Channel, discussed her 2008 documentary titled Egypt Underworld. This film was made in collaboration with Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities, who took her through the mysterious tunnel at the bottom of Seti’s tomb that simulated the pharaoh’s journey through the underworld. Over 80 people attended this lecture, and all of the proceeds from ticket sales contributed directly to the awards given to the students who placed in the Best Student Paper/Poster competitions and covered the registration costs of all 12 students who participated in these competitions.     

The ARCE Annual Meeting would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and underwriters. Thank you EgyptAir, Walbridge, ISD, Brill, John’s Hopkins University, AUC Press, and of course, the Washington D.C. ARCE Chapter.

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