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September 2016

Two practices are deeply integrated into the site improvement operations of ARCE/Luxor: material reuse and skills mentoring.

A long time goal to digitize the ARCE conservation archive and make its content available on-line has taken a giant leap forward with the signing of an agreement between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and ARCE.

August 2016

Penn Museum Symposium 6-8 October 2016

The schedule includes two and a half days of talks, as well as a reception and keynote address on the first evening. Lunch and reception are included in the registration price. For details on the conference, including a full list of the papers, please visit

June 2016

May 2016

Wali T. Abdulfattah ( William Wallace Thomas Craig in NYC) was an avid bibliophile and collector. His primary areas of interest were Arabic language and literature, medieval and modern history of Egypt, and Islamic Studies. While his interests in these fields were first cultivated in NYC, they were further enhanced when he took up residence in Cairo as a full-time student of Arabic language, literature and rhetoric.

Beloved by all, Amira Khattab has announced her retirement from her job as ARCE Deputy Director for Research and Government Relations at the end of June, 2016, after a period of half a century of service at ARCE.

On Friday May 13, 2016, the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khalid El Enany and the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, R. Stephen Beecroft, in the presence of Sherry Carlin, USAID Egypt Mission Director and the Governor of Luxor Mr. Mohammed Badr,  inaugurated the recently conserved Theban Tomb 110 (TT110) located in Sheik Abdel Qurna in Luxor. 

ARCE has just completed a whirlwind four months of guided visits, celebratory receptions, and site inaugurations in the company of two Egyptian ministers, two American ambassadors, one USAID head of mission, two governors, and a myriad assortment of Egyptian and American officials and press representatives in Luxor, Sohag and Cairo. Our adjectives of choice? Complicated. Hectic. Festive. Rewarding. Exceptional.

Click on the title above to see more on the reception and multimedia exhibition at the US Embassy in Cairo celebrating ARCE’s contributions to cultural heritage preservation in Egypt.

On Friday May 13, 2016, the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khalid El Enany and the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, R. Stephen Beecroft, in the presence of Sherry Carlin, USAID Egypt Mission Director and the Governor of Luxor Mr. Mohammed Badr,  inaugurated the recently conserved Theban Tomb 110 (TT110) located in Sheik Abdel Qurna in Luxor. The conservation of TT110 project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), in close cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities.


The Grand Egyptian Museum has announced the 2nd International Tutankhamun GEM Conference will be held 6-8 of May, 2016 at the GEM in Giza.

For more information you can send  your inquiries and questions to the official e-mail:

The secretary of the conference this year is Islam Mostafa, member of the technical office of the General Director of GEM Project.

It is hoped that Tutankhamun/Amarna experts will be able to attend this important event in 2016. The main topics will be Shrines, Chariotry, Textiles, Jewellery and Flora, so experts in these fields are encouraged to attend.

Conference schedule >>

April 2016

March 2016

Penn Museum Symposium

6-8 October 2016

Call for papers – Deadline: 4 April 2016

Professionals in archaeology, anthropology, or conservation are encouraged to submit abstracts (300 word limit) to by 4 April 2016 for consideration. See more info by clicking on headline.

ARCE's many years of work at the Red Monastery in Sohag and the work of NYU's Institute of Fine Arts in Abydos were showcased for US Ambassador Stephen Beecroft in March 2016. Both the Second Dynasty Shunet in Abydos and the 6th Century Church in Sohag were beneficiaries of ARCE's years of conservation grants from USAID.

Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty, held a press conference in Cairo on March 17, 2016 to announce findings from radar examination of KV62, better known as King Tutankhamun's tomb. Jane Smythe, assistant to the director of ARCE, attended the press conference and reports that the minister confirmed the existence of apparent hidden chambers as well as objects within these chambers.

February 2016

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, R. Stephen Beecroft, and Ambassador David Thorne, Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State toured ARCE/USAID work in Luxor recently. Ambassador Thorne was visiting from Washington, DC to highlight the critical role of Egypt's cultural heritage and antiquities preservation as a vehicle to promote tourism and economic development.

You might expect to see foreign Ambassadors and cultural Attachés at exhibit openings in Cairo, and indeed many were present when Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty, Minister of Antiquities opened the temporary exhibit entitled, “Repatriated Objects: 2014-2015” at the Egyptian Museum last month. The exhibit marked the 10th anniversary of Archaeologist’s Day, the date on which Egyptian archaeologists took over the management of the country's antiquities from the French in the 1950's. More importantly it celebrated the return of some 500 Egyptian artifacts repatriated from eight foreign countries during 2014 and 2015.

Archaeobotanical analysis is a well-established, albeit small, field within Egyptian archaeology. As the study of plant remains that have survived in archaeological contexts it is largely important in aiding scientists and archaeologists to understand the relationship between humans and plants in the past and their exploitation of the natural landscape, and to reconstruct the ancient environment. More >>

Changing times and changing technologies have led to the recent production of an electronic catalogue of Islamic numismatic material held by the Egyptian National Library and Archives or Dar al-Kutub, as it is known in Cairo. The catalogue builds on the strengths of its predecessors published in 1897 and 1982. The electronic platform catapults the collection into the digital age, enhancing the material and bringing widespread access to the wealth of available information to a wider audience.

The ongoing clearing of debris in and around the entrance to TT110 has recently uncovered several interesting small objects representing many ancient periods. 

Leading the painstaking clearing and documentation which revealed these objects is ARCE staff archaeologist Saad Bakhit abd el Hafez. Saad has been a supervising archaeologist for the ARCE Archaeological and Conservation Project in Luxor since 2011.


November 2015

For Khadija Adam, ARCE/Luxor Conservation Manager, JJ Shirley, Visiting Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and John Shearman, ARCE/Luxor Associate Director, the third week of September was a whirlwind of lectures, travel and conversations with new friends and old.  It was the ARCE Chapter Tour - a weeklong journey that took the speakers to Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. Warmly welcomed by chapter presidents, members and guests Adam, Shirley and Shearman treated their audiences to an in-depth look at how the conservation and epigraphy field schools and the practices utilized in TT 110 have brought to light new information about the construction of the tomb and the career of its owner, Djhuty.

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