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Member Spotlight: Penny Clifford Mazer, Arizona Chapter co-founder

Member Spotlight: Penny Clifford Mazer, Arizona Chapter co-founder

Member Spotlight: Penny Clifford Mazer, Arizona Chapter co-founder
Penny Mazor_ARCE-AZAs most of us who have a passion for Ancient Egypt, my first introduction was early on.  I must have been around 9 years old when I went to the movies to see "The Mummy" with Boris Karloff.  It didn't frighten me at all.  On the contrary.  It aroused a keen interest in ancient Egypt that has continued throughout my life.

After seeing the movie, I went home and looked up Egypt in the Encyclopedia.  I couldn't read enough!  That lead to copious trips to the library and just about every paper that I had to write in High School and college had something to do with Ancient Egypt.

Now fast forward to my graduate student years. While I was engaged in the Near Eastern Studies program at the University of Arizona, I met Dr. Richard Wilkinson and together we co-founded the Arizona Chapter of ARCE. Twenty years later, we have an active lecture series and as a board member, I'm focused on advertising chapter activities. Recently, on Arizona Spotlight, a local public radio show, we were able to share ARCE's story with the Tuscon listening area. Listen to the Arizona Spotlight interview>>

If you are just learning about ARCE,it's important to know just how much the organization does to promote Egypt's cultural heritage.  For scholars, ARCE supports expeditions and research endeavors in the field, offers training programs to students both American and Egyptian, conducts large-scale conservation, and hosts numerous educational opportunities.  For the layperson, local chapters give you an opportunity to participate one on one with others interested in Egypt and to attend professional lecture series. You also receive an annual subscription to ARCE publications that share current scholarship about Egypt. The annual meeting is a wonderful venue that brings scholars and thegeneral public together in an atmosphere of commonality, curiosity,passion and the desire to seek knowledge. When you become a member, you can do so knowing that your annual dues are helping to increase our knowledge of Egypt, its past and present, as well as strengthening the cultural ties between America and Egypt.
The need to preserve Egypt's past is as important as preserving all of the world's history.  It is who we were, who we are and who we will be. 

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