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Our Members on ARCE's Impact

Our Members on ARCE's Impact


During the 2009 Annual Meeting, we had a chance to sit down and interview some of our members about their relationship with ARCE and their perspective on ARCE’s role as an organization. Here, two of those members share their thoughts about ARCE’s impact—on its membership, Egyptology, and the world’s cultural heritage.

Carol RedmountDr. Carol Redmount, ARCE Board of Governors Member
Associate Professor and Chair,
Near Eastern Studies Department,
University of California, Berkley

On the ARCE Annual Meeting:
"The annual meeting is an important venue for finding out what’s going on in the field, for giving students an opportunity to present their papers, meeting with peers, and bringing together people who love Egypt in a professional forum."

On ARCE’s conservation and preservation work in Egypt:
"Egypt’s cultural heritage is part of our greater human heritage, an important part of our history that captures people’s imagination about where we as human beings come from and what we are capable of achieving. Egyptians have been restoring monuments since ancient times; we are carrying on a tradition of the Egyptians to preserve and save them for posterity. It’s a very human urge to preserve and save our history in this way."

On ARCE as a professional association:
"ARCE provides a forum for talking together and asking larger questions like 'What are the priorities of preservations?' and 'What works, what doesn’t work? Otherwise, everyone reinvents the wheel. ARCE brings a dimension that you can’t achieve when individuals and institutions are working separately. ARCE has become increasingly more effective; a visible and collaborative force for good."RickMoran

Rick Moran, Chapter Representative to the ARCE Board of Governors

After being encouraged by friend and ARCE member Clair Ossian to read Alan Gardiner’s book, Egypt of the Pharaohs: An Introduction, Rick Moran entered the world of Egyptology and soon became a member of the North Texas chapter of ARCE.

On ARCE’s impact at the chapter level:
"There is something in all of us that wants to belong to something bigger than ourselves. And you can go a long time looking for a way to express that interest. For me, ARCE has become that. And the more involved I become, the more I’ve come to see that there is so much more to be done on the Chapter level to help out."

On the ARCE Annual Meeting:
"Coming to these annual meetings is a real revelation. By attending, you come to develop a deeper appreciation of the organization and all the great people involved."

On ARCE’s work in Egypt:
"Egypt is probably one of the earliest and best documented ancient civilizations that we have. ARCE allows us to explore and study our roots. And the more you study, the more you come to see reflections of Egyptian beliefs in our own culture. This is the world’s heritage, not just Egypt’s or America’s."

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