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How did Cleopatra rise to the throne of Egypt?

How did Cleopatra rise to the throne of Egypt?

How did Cleopatra rise to the throne of Egypt?

Answered by Dr. Kara Cooney, Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA

Cleopatra was born to her position as princess and then queen. She was daughter of a Ptolemaic king, Ptolemy XII Auletes, with whom she served as co-ruler for a time. She then served with two of her brothers in succession - Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, both of whom she had a hand in having assassinated. In other words, Cleopatra never ruled Egypt alone; she always had a man by her side. Even after the death of her second brother Ptolemy IV, she arguably ruled with the support of two Roman warlords, both of whom became her lovers - Julius Cesar and Marc Antony.

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