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LECTURE: The Indiana Joneses of the Past: Tomb Raiders in Ancient Egypt

LECTURE: The Indiana Joneses of the Past: Tomb Raiders in Ancient Egypt

LECTURE: The Indiana Joneses of the Past: Tomb Raiders in Ancient Egypt

Date: Sunday, November 2, 2014, 2:00pm

Presenter:  Dr. Nigel Strudwick, University of Memphis

Location: Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Baton Rouge

This lecture is free and open to the public.

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Description: Among the oldest professions in the world, tomb robbery flourished in ancient Egypt where it was common knowledge that considerable wealth lay buried with the dead. Many of the richest and most superb treasures were interred during elaborate burials in and around Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. Despite efforts to hide the locations, early raiders discovered them. Come hear Dr. Nigel Strudwick as he talks about these ancient Indiana Joneses and Lara Crofts. Learn who they were, what they did, and what happened to them!

 About the Speaker: Currently a visiting professor of Art History at the University of Memphis, Dr. Strudwick earned his Ph.D. from Liverpool University. He has excavated in Egypt for many years, has a long-standing interest in the Tombs of the Nobles at Thebes, and currently directs the excavation of the tomb of Senneferi in Thebes. He publishes extensively on ancient Egypt, and his books include scholarly and popular works on ancient Egyptian history and archaeology. A very versatile scholar, he has produced a volume of translations of ancient Egyptian texts from the Old Kingdom (c. 2700–2150 B.C.) and several books on Egyptian objects in the collections of the British Museum. Some of his fieldwork and publications are done in collaboration with his wife Helen, also a noted Egyptologist. To name only a few, his books include Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt and The Administration of Egypt in the Old Kingdom, as well as collaborative edited volumes, such as The Theban Necropolis: Past, Present, and Future and Old Kingdom: New Perspectives. Among his books for the layman is The Hieroglyph Detective, a guide on how to read certain types of hieroglyphic inscriptions.

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