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LECTURE: Why Gild the Lily? The Use of Color in Ancient Egypt

LECTURE: Why Gild the Lily? The Use of Color in Ancient Egypt

LECTURE: Why Gild the Lily? The Use of Color in Ancient Egypt

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014, 1:30pm

Presenter: Dr. Lorelei Corcoran, University of Memphis

Chapter: Orange County, California

Location: This lecture is free and open to the public at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana - Norma Kershaw Auditorium View map. Parking is $6, refundable with validation from Tangata Restaurant. For additional information visit the ARCE Orange County Chapter website.

Description: Even in ancient Egypt, red and black were considered power colors - especially when it came to Egyptian design. Like today, red and black were very appealing to the Egyptian elite, with red symbolizing the heart, and the often ensuing chaos surrounding it, and black, representing fertility. Think about that the next time you're getting ready for a job interview or a night on the town!

For Dr. Lorelei Corcoran, ancient Egyptian color symbolism is never far from her mind. Her archeological field experience in Egypt includes working at Medinet Habu, ancient Memphis, Karnak Temple, the tomb of Harwa, and KV-63 in the Valley of the Kings. Always fascinated with why ancient people share our modern penchant for "gilding the lily", she has published numerous books and scholarly articles, including a critical study of the Portrait Mummies of Greco-Roman Egypt.

About the Speaker: Dr. Lorelei H. Corcoran earned her B.A. in Classical Studies at Tufts University and a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Egyptology) at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. She is Professor and Director, Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, at the University of Memphis.

Come enjoy this free visual presentation about the ancient Egyptians' symbolism in art. Millennia may have passed, but you'll leave feeling that we're not that far apart, after all.

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